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Often on the Internet flashes in the search question: where and what steroids to buy cheaper? Compared to large cities have a significantly lower income. In cities such as Moscow or Peter, it is generally considered the norm to buy shoes for $ 300 or lunch for the same amount in a restaurant. With the purchase of steroid drugs, things are the same. There are athletes who can afford expensive drugs, without prejudice to their financial situation. The high cost of such drugs is due to the high quality of the drugs, the effectiveness of their effects and safety for health.

But what should an athlete do that is limited in financial possibilities? Refuse your hobbies, or limit yourself in spending on food and clothing, but to purchase expensive funds? This choice does not suit anyone. But the best solution to this issue is the course, the basis of which are steroid drugs at a low price. But cheap, does not mean bad. Many drugs at a low price are not inferior in quality and effectiveness, expensive steroid drugs. Here we will list the drugs that are available to everyone.

1. Methandrostenolone

Unquestionable leadership amongst steroids with low cost has such a tool as “Methane”. Despite the praise and criticism of this drug, he was always number one for Russian athletes. Methane has high efficiency, minimal risk of adverse reactions and quite affordable cost. Of course, you can find the best options, but they, as a rule, either have a higher price, or lower quality.

Applying Methane on a solo course is not a good decision, because the recruited mass after the course can quickly evaporate. It is best to use it as a basis of the course with other steroid preparations. For example, a mixture of testosterone esters from “Omnadren” is perfect. With the use of such funds, an athlete who has limited financial resources needs to respect the size and the limit of the permissible dosage as to no one else.

The daily dosage of methane is from 20 to 50 mg, but you can achieve an excellent result in a lower dosage. Many newcomers significantly increased weight and indices, taking the drug in a dosage of 30 to 40 mg daily.

Duration of application of Methane is from 6 to 8 weeks, because the base of the drug is not clean enough and longer application can have a harmful effect on the liver. In order to clean the liver, you can take cholagogue on the course. Do not listen to those who claim that they can use steroids for months without harm to their health. The body of all has individual characteristics.

2. Retabolil

Another available means is “Retabolil”. Its active substance is Nandrolone decanoate. Some athletes have a negative attitude towards this product, because of its active substance, as well as because of crumpled boxes on delivery and poorly pasted ampoules. But among those who are limited in financial opportunities, this tool is considered quite popular. The cost of the drug is minimal, and finding a more profitable tool is difficult. You can choose Deca-Durabolin, because it is better, but in the CIS the drug is rarely delivered, and then only in large cities. But you can easily order a Deca-Durabolin on our website at a bargain price easily and quickly. You do not even need to go anywhere and look for this tool, just place an order and wait until it is delivered to you.

Retabolil is used by beginners at a dosage of 50 to 100 mg with a duration of up to 6 weeks. Experienced athletes suitable dosage of 200 to 400 mg. For the combination, the best are “Methane” and Nandrolone Decanoate. Retabolil can be taken as a solo course. The use of this agent does not lead to the occurrence of adverse reactions.

3. Decadubal

There is another drug, the active substance of which is nandrolone. The drug is soft and safe, in comparison with previous means. Its active substance is nandrolone phenylproponate, which has significant differences from decanoate, since the former acts much faster and is also rapidly eliminated. Decadubol can be combined with “Methane”. Its cost is also quite low.

Phenylpropionate, unlike decanoate, must be pricked more often. Decadubol is taken 1 time in 3 days in a dosage ranging from 50 to 200 mg, depending on the characteristics of the body and the experience of using such drugs.

4. Omnadren

The last drug on this list is Omnadren. The drug is a mixture of testosterone esters and is produced in an injectable form. It was not appreciated, but such an assessment is not considered. Injections Omnadrena come across different: someone gets a quality remedy, and someone is not too high quality. This is due to Russian producers, as Polish Omnadren outperforms analogue in quality, cost and efficiency.

How to distinguish between these two funds? “Omna” of Russian production, it is a fake in a pink package. There have been cases when the Russian Omnadren was of a sufficiently high quality, but still inferior to the Polish facility. The difference in price between them is insignificant, Omnadren of Polish production is the most expensive by half a dollar, so it’s better to buy a more tested and quality product than to save such a small thing.

Omnadren is quite effective. It speeds up the collection of muscle mass, but can cause significant water retention. The drug can cause the effect of the “inflated ball”, which is why some athletes badly respond about this tool.

Omnadren is best used as a background on a combined steroid course, rather than using solo. The drug Omnadrene is considered to be rather weak, but in practice it is enough to dosage from 250 to 750 mg in 7 days in order to achieve the required result, without the risk of becoming a laughing stock.


List of steroid products at an affordable price can be brought to an end. We gave brief descriptions of the courses, but to make a course and choose the means for combinations, you can quite independently and with an individual approach. Everyone has different opportunities, both physical and financial. And especially important is that you need to choose the right options at the optimum cost and efficiency. Also do not forget about the auxiliary tools that will increase the effectiveness.

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