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What are the different cutting steroids?


Winstrol is a very popular anabolic androgenic steroid, used orally or in the form of injections. Along with the deck and danabol, it is most often used by modern sportsmen.

Stanozolol is commonly called “vinny” (Winstrol). As already noted, Winstrol is available in two forms: in tablets and ampoules. The solution for injection is the same methylated compound as the tablet. Winstrol has a quick but short-acting effect for 8 hours.

The injection form of vinny gives better results. It is assumed that the drug in the form of tablets during the first passage is more strongly cleaved in the liver, therefore less active substance enters the blood.

When administering Winstrol intramuscularly, the same complications can occur as with the introduction of other drugs: abscesses and seals. Injections are sometimes painful, so it is recommended to inject the drug into different parts of the body. Winstrol can drink. This is possible because Winstrol for injection has the same composition as the tablets (as mentioned above). In addition, as a methylated steroid, Winstrol does not break down in the liver.


Oxandrolone (Anavar) is an anabolic steroid, has a low level of androgenic activity, and has a moderate anabolic effect. This drug was developed in the 1960s for use in the medical field (treatment of burns, anemia, and others), but due to its anabolic properties, it eventually began to be used in sports.

Oxandrolone promotes the synthesis of protein in the body, which is expressed in a positive nitrogen balance. Anavar increases the endurance and strength of athletes, promotes burning fat tissue. It should be noted that athletes do not practically apply oxandrolone “solo” for mass gain. This drug (solo course) is most often used by athletes who have a sufficient amount of muscle mass and wish to “shape” it, the anavar helps to strengthen the muscles: it gives firmness and relief to the muscles.

Oxandrolone has an anti-catabolic effect: it protects the muscles from the destructive effect of cortisol, so that the muscles do not lose protein. This drug also strengthens bone and cartilaginous tissue.


Clenbuterol is used in sports no less than anabolic steroids. Maple promotes steep drying with full muscle savings, with all sports and bodybuilding achievements. Clenbuterol provides weight loss only by burning the fat layer, creating a really tight, athletic body.

A lot of people have long been looking for a wonderful medicine that will easily get rid of excess fat. Now the entire sports industry can present you with at least 3 working options for this purpose, and the most potent of all is the Clenbuterol tablets. In addition, clenbuterol is the only drug that blocks cortisol, the main muscle destroyer after the course to weight.

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