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Vitamins are necessary for the normal functioning of all General Health. This article will tell you about the functions of some of them, as well as how to choose the right vitamin complex in tablets.

Vitamins are necessary substances for the whole body, because without them virtually no reaction of exchange, synthesis, fortification, and others. But not many think about their importance, so do not consume enough of these active substances, and because of this, various diseases develop. Why do I need vitamin B6, B5, B12, A, E and others, are they useful in tablets? About this will tell the article.

Benefits of vitamins

What are the useful properties of different vitamins?

Group B

Vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B5 and others) are important for the development, strengthening and maintenance of the entire human nervous system. These are the best leaders of the activity of neurons and nerve nodes. They also affect the exchange of proteins and carbohydrates, regulate the synthesis of amino acids and the cleavage of lipids. They are also useful for the growth of hair and nails.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is indispensable for owners of weakened immunity during periods of illness. Without this substance there is no synthesis of proteins, so the recovery process slows down. It also affects the aging of the body due to antioxidant properties, so those who use the day’s rate of it, less feel the effects of aging.

Vitamin A

Retinol (A) is an important part of the visual apparatus, because it catalyzes (speeds up) the processes of processing and sending to the brain of data from the retina receptors. The processes of its recovery in cones and rods depend on the total amount of the vitamin inside the body, so if there is a lack of it, “night blindness” can develop. Also with the help of retinol there is a splitting of glucose in the Krebs cycle, namely this complex process provides the cells of the body with energy.

Vitamin E

Tocopherol (E) is indispensable in the formation of the reproductive system, especially in women. In his presence, hormones (estrogen, prolactin, progesterone) are synthesized, it is necessary to maintain the hormonal background and the menstrual cycle.

Also, tocopherol is needed to strengthen hair, nails and skin, and if it is deficient, they become brittle and rough. This vitamin provides recovery processes in the liver and muscles, so when they are short, they suffer from one of the first (in addition to the reproductive system and the menstrual cycle).

No less functions have other vitamins, so it becomes clear that it is necessary to use the daily rate of these substances. What are the best preparations for this task? Read below.

Vitamin Complexes

Vitamins in tablets today can be found in every pharmacy, but there are so many on the shelves that sometimes you get lost when choosing. What are the complex preparations to take to maintain the body, and what to look for when choosing?

Selecting tablets

Drugs in tablets can be of various shapes and colors, but the main thing is inside, so pay attention when choosing what you need on:

  • composition (find the daily table for yourself and compare it with the composition);
  • presence of essential vitamins (group B, E, A, C, D3 and K);
  • presence of mineral supplements (calcium, magnesium and others), if they are needed;
  • give preference to soft or completely white vitamins in tablets;
  • medications should be small and smooth for easy ingestion;
  • look at additional substances, because often tablets can contain lactose, which causes some people to have an allergy.

Do not immediately pursue the advertised overseas drugs that position themselves as the best medicines, because often it turns out that their composition is similar to cheaper vitamins in the tablets of the domestic manufacturer, which are cheaper.

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