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With the concept of “oral steroid” is familiar to everyone. With the development of such a direction as bodybuilding, sports pharmacology became especially popular. Admission of such drugs is carried out by professional athletes, since it is recommended for beginners to abstain from them until they reach their limit determined genetically.

In general, oral anabolic steroids are derived forms of testosterone and are most often used for increased muscle growth, strength and endurance levels. Testosterone in turn is a male sex hormone responsible for the presence of male symptoms.

It is included in the category of androgens, stimulating the active growth of muscle fibers. Muscles begin to grow heavily, work capacity and endurance improve, which improve the training process, and also the strength indicators that make it possible to achieve higher results in sports.

How to take oral steroids

Acceptance of the drug depends on the goals and individual characteristics of the athlete. For athletes who are only planning to take steroids, drugs of lesser impact on the body are needed. This will help to avoid a number of adverse reactions and negative consequences. There is a certain list of substances that are most effective for beginners, he is all known and in demand.

For athletes already experienced in the admission of pharmacies, stronger variants of steroids will fit, but the course must be correctly formulated. Be sure to consult with a doctor and undergo a thorough examination, making sure in the absence of contraindications. The body should be completely healthy. The dosage and daily rate of the drug is calculated on the basis of the individual characteristics of the athlete, his physical data and experience in taking drugs.

Depending on the type of oral steroid, the dosage will be calculated. Steroids can be produced in the form of tablets, ampoules for injections and other forms of application. As a rule, injection forms are less toxic to the liver and are not used so often. Tablets have in most cases an effect on the liver, so they are often used in combination with hepatoprotectors.

In general, the decision to start taking steroids is a very important step. It must be approached consciously and with all seriousness. If everything is correctly compiled, the effect will be obvious and noticeable. The main thing is to choose the right preparations with the appropriate quality.

Oral steroids: all the pros and cons

Let’s start, perhaps, with tablet drugs. Why from them? There are no special reasons, although, perhaps, there are: running ahead, we will say that steroids in tablets enjoy the highest popularity among beginners; often, beginners, planning their first course, choose them. So we can consider this order of the story justified.

So, to the point: oral steroids that can be bought are not presented in such a wide range as the means for injecting. Really effective tablets AAS, if you take active substances, and not trade names, you can literally count on your fingers (oxandrolone, turinabol, stanozolol, methandienone, oxymetholone and several others). Although even in the case of recounting the number of brands, drugs in tablets are likely to lose to their injecting “rivals.”

In addition, many oral steroids have direct analogues in injections, in particular the already mentioned methandienone (Methandienone Injection, etc.) and stanozolol (Winstrol, etc.), which not only do not concede to them, but in some ways even excel. Injections of stanozolol, for example, unlike tablets, are relieved of toxicity for the liver.

Briefly describe how the anabolic and steroids, produced in tablets, in general, operate. A well-known fact: the hormone testosterone and almost all its analogues / derivatives alone can not be properly absorbed by the oral route, they will be destroyed in the stomach and intestines before they get into the blood. This is proved by both athletes and during scientific research. And as the subjects in these studies, mostly women were feeling. Why they? It’s simple: in the female body it is much easier to detect an increase in the level of the male sex hormone.

How do oral steroids work?

How, then, do oral steroids work when they get into the human body, if they should break down? Again, everything is simple: all the AAC tablets are “collected” at the molecular level in such a way that they do not disintegrate in the gastrointestinal tract, but are effectively absorbed into the blood. In this case, the blood moves along the cycle of purification through the liver, which in the body is the main filter, where a fair share of the steroid is activated. By the way, this is the main reason for the deterioration of the liver in connection with taking AAS in tablets.

We have already identified two more or less significant drawbacks of oral means (not the largest, albeit a rather large assortment and the presence in some samples of toxicity for the liver). And what about the merits? They are also many. In particular, hardly anyone will argue that oral androgens and anabolics are very convenient to use. Plus significant, especially for those athletes who for one reason or another do not tolerate injections.

There is one more notable advantage that oral steroids, which are available in the form for oral administration, boast: if you buy and take them, almost all of them act very quickly and are also quickly removed from the body without leaving traces. However, taking into account the rapid activity, the life time of the majority of oral preparations does not exceed an average on average. This, by the way, explains why almost all tablet AAS should be taken often (usually daily) – this is done to maintain the optimal level of active substance in the blood.

Also, the pluses include the fact that oral steroids, tablets, are more difficult to detect during a doping test. That is, they are recommended for those athletes who have serious competitions and checks on their nose, because it is almost impossible to find out that they were used in the shortest time after the end of the course.


Well, all the main aspects of what oral steroids are, we have disassembled, which means that we can draw some conclusions and sum up:

  • First, practically all the drugs of this group produced and sold in tablets are more or less toxic to the liver, in contrast to their analogues in injections;
  • Second – oral steroids act quickly and quickly, causing a sharp increase, and then lowering the level of hormones in the body (for someone it can be a significant plus, for someone – a serious minus);
  • Third – tablet AAS in most cases must be taken often, which is not always convenient, but they are easy to use and very practical;
  • The fourth is that the anabolic pills were taken, it is usually more difficult to detect during doping tests, again because they are quickly eliminated from the body;
  • Fifth – this kind of AAS is preferable for beginners, athletes who are afraid of injections, for one reason or another, and athletes before a doping test.

As an original conclusion under the first part of the material, we say that you can buy steroids in tablets quickly and easily in our store. Prices for pharmacology, effective in sports, we have available, and delivery and the whole service is convenient. Here you can buy tablet stanozolol, methandienone preparations, oxandrolone, oxymetholone, of course, turinabol, and many other topical, and most importantly effective AAS.

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