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It would seem that in the courtyard of the 21st century, bodybuilding is becoming more popular, but endless conversations about “the rolls do not cost” does not become less. Especially this myth is popular among the fair sex, which automatically affects their attitude towards athletic men. This article examines the main causes of erectile dysfunction and their possible relationship with the employment of power sports (mainly bodybuilding).

First of all, let’s clarify what is meant by impotence:

Impotence (erectile dysfunction) is a partial or complete inability to achieve a penile erection condition sufficient for sexual intercourse.

The main causes of sexual weakness are certain features of the body. It can be both congenital or acquired diseases, and the state of total body exhaustion, hormonal failures and other similar factors.

Usually impotence has the following reasons:

  • Psychological problems
  • Diseases
  • Depletion (mental and physical)
  • Bad habits
  • Hormonal failures

Psychological problems, bad habits and various diseases will not be considered in this article, since they have no direct relationship to bodybuilding or sport in any of its manifestations, so it is not possible to conduct a causal relationship between them.

But exhaustion and hormonal failures will be considered in more detail as possible causes of the onset of impotence.


Depletion in bodybuilding is usually associated with overtraining. It occurs when the athlete’s body can not fully recover after heavy physical exertion. A similar condition can occur as a result of prolonged work for wear or too frequent and too heavy training. Overtraining is characterized by both physical and mental overwork, which negatively affects many functions of the body, including the sex. Thus, if your load in the hall is incommensurably higher than the restorative capacity of the body, there may be a state of overtraining, and this will lead to a decrease in sexual function, since the body’s resources will be directed to maintaining the most important functions of the body, accordingly, some others will experience a “crisis”.

Hormonal disbalance

In itself, studies with iron can not so strongly affect your hormonal background to cause a serious malfunction and a violation of potency. However, if the athlete uses hormonal drugs (anabolic androgenic steroids), then this can cause serious disruptions in the body as a whole and in the endocrine system in particular. There can be many reasons, for example, a serious increase in estradiol or prolactin, which will cause suppression of testosterone production and a significant deterioration in libido and potency. In addition, any steroid has an androgen activity index that is different from zero. That is, even drugs that have a clear predominance of anabolic effects over androgenic, yet its (androgenic) effect. The organism considers this situation as the introduction of a testosterone hormone from the outside, reacting to a decline in his own output. This is a greatly simplified model, but it also provides an approximate representation of the picture taking place in the body.

Subsequently, when the reception of steroids is over, a rather long recovery process begins, which in some cases can last up to several years. If the steroid course lasted a very long time (several years, the so-called “perpetual” course), then there is a risk in general not to start producing your own testosterone. In such cases, doctors usually prescribe HRT (hormone replacement therapy), which consists in a lifelong intake of androgens, in order to maintain the testosterone level in the body at the normal level.

The effect of steroids on the male body

Initially, steroid preparations were invented for the treatment of serious diseases, but thanks to the ability to increase muscle volumes, they became popular among men engaged in bodybuilding. Anabolic compounds include synthetic analogues of such male sex hormones, as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Under their action increases efficiency, endurance and physical strength.

Anabolics accelerate the production of protein in muscle fibers, due to which the volume of muscle tissue increases much faster. Due to such properties, steroids have been widely used in those sports where the size of muscles is crucial, first of all, in bodybuilding.

Effect on potency

The problem of reducing sexual desire and erectile dysfunction started talking after athletes who regularly take steroid drugs began to observe violations of sexual function.

How do steroids affect potency? The main effect on the body has male sex hormones. During the intake of drugs to those hormones that produces a male body, added from the outside are their synthetic analogues. An excess of testosterone leads to a rapid increase in muscle mass, a decrease in the volume of fatty tissues, an increase in strength, endurance, and strengthening of bone tissue. In the first time after the beginning of the use of steroids, there may be a certain increase in potency. What happens next?

With a constant overabundance of testosterone, the body gradually reduces the independent production of the hormone to its complete cessation. It is at this stage that the sexual function of a man depends solely on those hormones that enter the body during the reception of steroids. Uncontrolled and prolonged use of drugs can cause a complete discontinuation of the testosterone-producing glands.

After the man stops using steroid drugs, the level of sex hormones drops sharply, which causes a decrease in sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. In this case, we can talk about the direct relationship between taking steroids and impotence.


The appearance of impotence can really be associated with power sports, but only if the athlete is in a prolonged state of overtraining (exhaustion), or with illiterate use of anabolic steroids, in particular if we neglect post-course therapy (PKT) aimed at the early recovery of endogenous ( own) testosterone.

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