Stealth Injectables (Sachets)

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Practice shows that the most painful is not injection itself, but its consequences, often infiltrates, cones are formed in people, sometimes it comes to abscesses.

All Stealth Injectables of steroids must be performed deeply, so that the oil is guaranteed to get into the muscle, and not remain in the fatty layer. The

Safety regulations

Absolutely for all Stealth Injectables there is one very important rule: the needle can not be completely inserted into the muscle, although a couple of millimeters must be left outside so that, in case of a broken needle, it would be possible to pull out the splinter with forceps, without resorting to the help of a surgeon. Also, now very many people are afraid of embolism. Practice shows that embolism with injections of steroids is extremely rare and you will hardly come across it, but for the most cautious, there is an option to completely prevent embolism. It is necessary to pull the plunger (in other words, pull the plunger towards you) when the needle is already in the muscle: if there is blood – just change the position of the needle and check again, you can also stab again. If the blood gets into the solution, we carry out the injection together with it. In case you pulled the plunger, and the piston returned to its place, or the air was tightened – we boldly set,

Secrets and advice

There are several secrets about how to make injections less painful, and also improve their effect:

  • Before the injection of any steroid, the preparation should be thoroughly heated in the hand.
  • After the injection, it is recommended to warm the place of injection with warm water in the shower, and then apply a compress, this will significantly reduce the chances of infiltrates.
  • If the infiltration has already appeared – take Naprof at a dosage of 550 mg per day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.
  • It is very good to inject steroids locally, into the muscle that you will train, it gives excellent pumping.
  • To make rounded deltas, it is necessary to inject the needle from the top to the bottom, but at a sufficient depth.
  • If the oil input is very tight and slow, it is necessary to slightly change the position of the needle, because there is a risk that it got into the vessel.
  • In no case should you mix oil-based preparations and suspensions, this will lead to abscesses.

Best Places for Injection

Contrary to popular belief, the best places for injections are not the gluteus muscles, they are most convenient if the injection is made by another person, but if the Stealth Injectables is done alone, it is best to choose the hips and shoulders. On the Internet, you can find a lot of videos about how to properly do injections of steroids, it is only necessary to add that the shoulders (namely, the middle delta) – the most convenient place for injections, because there are very few vessels and virtually no nerve bundles, moreover, injection there is very convenient. In the thighs, however, it is not practical to put it, since there are many vessels in it and a lot of nerve bundles are located, which can significantly increase the soreness of injections. Also, injection of steroids into the pectoral muscle is an excellent option, however, if it is not sufficiently developed in you, you should not do it,

How to avoid risk with injection

Self-administered Stealth Injectables of anabolic steroids are associated with a certain risk. The most serious problem is the introduction of infection and the emergence of abscesses at the site of injections. Sometimes the skin at the site of the injection is not sterile, and the bacteria along with the needle fall into the muscle.

It may also be that the needle before the injection touched something unsterilized or that the disposable syringe is being reused. Sometimes users experience “sterile abscesses”. In this case, it is possible that such an abscess is caused not by bacteria, but by a delay in the spread of the injected drug. It is known that after repeated injections at the site of injections, there are nodes of connective tissue that prevent the spread of the drug.

This is especially common in athletes who often Stealth Injectables themselves with large doses of steroids. The following occurs: the injected solution is at the injection site for several days without being absorbed. In the end, this turns into a pile of pus formed by the action of biogenic organisms. The best way to avoid abscesses of this kind is not to inject in the same place more than once or twice a week and never stick more than 3cm. cu. in one place per week. 

As already mentioned above, damage to a large nerve when injected can cause pain and can even cause temporary paralysis in areas controlled by the nerve. This has happened to dozens of users of steroids.

Most of them suffered from severe pain without any consequences. Usually damage such a nerve as a sciatic, entails complications lasting up to 10 days. Avoid touching the fibers easily: you only need to know the most suitable injection sites. Puncture of blood vessels is a common complication in the stealth injectables.

This can lead to quite a strong bleeding after removing the needle. You just need to strongly push the tampon to the injection site, and the blood loss will pass quickly. Such damage to the vessel leads, as a rule, to the appearance of bruises. To avoid getting into a large blood vessel, do not forget, after sticking the needle, slightly pull the plunger of the syringe toward yourself to see if the blood is drawn into the cylinder. If the syringe is filled with blood, it means that the needle pierced the vessel. Stop the injection and make another injection by selecting a new zone. 

When you take responsibility for the self-administration of steroids, do not be afraid to be over-cautious. The use of steroids is a risky exercise in itself, to supplement the dangers of negligence when performing injections.

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