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Thanks to the drying courses, the builders get an opportunity to achieve a beautiful relief of the musculature. Drying has two main objectives: Burning of subcutaneous fat or Preservation of muscular mass gained.
In bodybuilding, it is customary to single out two periods – mass gathering and drying. During the recruitment of mass athletes use the appropriate types of sports and pharmacology. In addition, you need to consume a large amount of food and no matter how hard you try, the body accumulates a certain amount of fat and water.

To make the muscles have a relief and look aesthetically pleasing, you need to get rid of fat. Professional builders after drying have in the body not more than ten percent of fat mass. Let’s notice, that today the courses of drying are quite actively interested in girls who want to get rid of excess fat.

However, this is a serious misconception, because the goals of the courses of drying and weight loss are different. For weight loss, it is enough to use moderate physical activity and create an artificial calorie deficit by changing the nutrition program. It should be noted that carrying out the drying course is very important and difficult. To obtain the necessary results, athletes have to use steroids for drying. We will talk about these preparations today.

The use of Weight Loss Steroids actively promotes weight loss, so men can use anabolics to dry themselves during the drying process. But using a fat burner, you should adhere to diet and exercise regimen, so as not to harm the body.

A popular innovation in the issue of male weight loss are substances of animal or, less often of vegetable origin, possessing high biological activity, which are called steroids. These nutritional supplements are freely available in all sports stores. If you want to become the owner of a relief body, get rid of the hated fat layer and find a perfect figure, the trainer is advised to takeWeight Loss Steroids to men.

General information and actions of steroid drugs

To understand which of the drugs is best suited individually for each athlete, you need to familiarize yourself with general information about fat burners. Steroids belong to the class of anabolics, which reproduce the effect of male sex hormones. Anabolic medications have the following properties:

These products are able to accelerate the synthesis of protein compounds, which causes an increase in muscle mass.
Testosterone, which simulates drugs of a steroid type, causes an increase in male characteristics in both the male body and in the female body. This is a coarsening of the voice, the growth of muscles, and also the type of physique characteristic of the male body.
Sports supplements include a lipase enzyme that breaks down fatty tissues into constituents, thereby allowing you to lose weight. In this process, fats remain in the hepatic area and muscle tissue, so that the body, if necessary, has the ability to convert fat into energy.
If the athlete has set himself the goal of achieving body relief without fat, getting a firm muscle, increasing the visibility of the veins protruding above the muscles, then experienced nutritionists recommend choosing Winstrol or Anavar. They will fight the fat layer in a short time, but at the same time will not have an effect on the volume of muscle tissue.

If a member of the stronger sex is actively engaged in physical activities and does not make the basic rates in losing Weight Loss Steroids, then it will be advisable to use the most safe for health preparation “Proviron”. It is worth remembering that it is less effective than others.

To achieve the goals for burning fats one steroid course is not enough. The intake of food additives must necessarily be combined with regular strength training and diet.

Description of the most effective Weight Loss Steroids

Sports nutrition stores have a huge number of drugs. Sometimes it is difficult to make the right choice. We offer to consider the best steroid means to combat overweight, as well as their positive and negative contribution to human health.


This product is able to actively burn fat, due to increased body temperature. Increases the elasticity of the muscles and the ability of the body to process oxygen, which greatly facilitates the conduct of intensive training. Stimulates the formation of adrenoreceptors. “Clenbuterol” increases respiratory processes and heartbeat, which entails a normalization of metabolism. The daily dosage is about three tablets. It can be increased to 7 tablets if the goal is to preserve muscle mass.


This drug has a range of actions: it reduces insulin secretion, normalizes the carbohydrate balance, promotes the removal of fatty deposits, forces the male body to actively use fats while observing a low-carbohydrate-type diet, and stores meat during the drying period. Take “Metformin” in combination with anabolics and do not forget to include enough protein in your food. Tablets should be taken only after meals and at the initial stages do not exceed the daily dose of 1000 mg.


The thyroid hormone obtained as a result of synthesis. The drug significantly increases the metabolic processes and the production of heat by the body to maintain a constant body temperature and ensure the operation of all its systems. This has a favorable effect on fat burning. “Triiodothyronine” can be used for drying, but it should be extremely accurate with a dosage to avoid the disappearance of meat.

The drug is especially good for men who want to eliminate fat from the abdominal area. To increase the effectiveness recommend taking with “Clenbuterol” and testosterone. Also include in the food at least 200-300 grams of protein. Take the medicine 30 minutes before eating. Dosage, depending on many factors, ranges from 5 to 100 mcg per day.

Negative aspects of the use of Weight Loss Steroids

Like many other medications, steroids have not only a positive effect, but can also have adverse effects:

  • disturbance of sleep regimes;
  • excess of the norm of activity and excitability;
  • decrease in efficiency and loss of strength;
  • increased appetite and nausea;
  • high loads on the heart system;
  • there are prerequisites for the appearance in tissues, as well as accumulation in the blood of a large amount of lactic acid, which is very dangerous for death;
  • the fall in blood sugar is below the established norms;
  • nervous state and anxiety;
  • high body temperature and intense sweating;
  • involuntary trembling of the fingers in the case of nervous diseases and convulsions.

To achieve and, most importantly, to consolidate the result of losing weight with the help of steroids, representatives of the stronger sex must eat four times a day in strict regime, not exceeding the allowed norm of kcal, reduce the number of carbohydrates in the diet, do not eat a few hours before bedtime, force loads and nourish the body with a vitamin complex. Lose weight is easy! Feel free to begin to improve and get better!

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